Learning and Development Congress 2017
Enhancing Learning and Development to Drive Workforce Of The Future

17 - 18 January 2017 | Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

Learning and Development Congress 2017

About Learning and Development Congress

Enhancing Learning and Development to Drive the New Workforce

Globalisation and disruptive technologies are changing the world of work as we know it, and faster than ever before. As a result, this is drastically changing the demographics of the workforce and the way we work, learn and develop through the use of new technology.

This is demonstrated more and more as we witness the rise in millennials entering the workforce replacing baby boomers, and more cultural diversity driven by global talent sourcing and the talent mobility movement.

Thus, with the workforce getting bigger, older, remote and more diverse - learning and development initiatives must now be tailored in order to cater to employees with different learning preferences and tech savviness levels - especially the mature workforce.

Another demonstration is how we see technology rapidly evolving the way learning and development is delivered. More and more companies are implementing E-Learning and Mobile Learning to complement conventional learning methodologies.

Embracing E-Learning and Mobile learning takes the learning experience to another level whereby employees are able to develop their skills whenever and wherever they want. This provides greater flexibility - not to mention how it can cater to more employees at any time as compared to face-face training, while at the same time reducing operational costs - which is crucial especially during times of economic uncertainty.

However, adopting learning and development technology is not an easy journey - as companies are bound to face roadblocks with ensuring data security, and having the right IT framework for a smooth integration with existing systems.

Lastly, in additional to these two major disruptions, the uncertain economic climate means more and more learning and development professionals need to ensure they are getting the best bang for their buck.

According to the 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report published by Deloitte, the importance of learning has increased by three-fold over the previous year, but learning and development professionals are still facing challenges with getting buy-in from top management -due to a lack of proficiency in measuring the ROI of Learning and Development initiatives, and therefore not having a data-driven business case.

It goes without saying the convergence of globalisation, technology and the uncertain economic climate is evolving learning and development initiates; and creating a need for Learning and Development professionals to revisit and enhance their Learning and Development initiative in order to drive the new world of work.

What’s New?

  • 20+ speakers from more than 10 different industries
  • 18+ extensive and intensive sessions covering every aspects of Learning and Development
  • Case studies from UTAC and Shell – Learn how these companies revamp their Learning and Development strategies and how has it improve their organisations’ overall bottom-line
  • Two days post congress masterclass for a more in depth learning experience that you can apply within your organisation
  • Speed networking session, which allows you to connect and meet new peers in the industry

Featured Speakers

Tarun Gulrajani
Head of HR
Sylvia Koh
Sureash kumar
Global Director – Talent...
UTAC Headquarters Pt. Ltd
Sharyn Porter
Senior Vice President, Human...
Bank of America Merrill...
Raman Sidhu
Global head of Learning
Meghna Shukla
GM Talent and OD
Karina Cuello
Director Learning
Jones Lang
Dr Sandra Pereira
Former Group Director of HR & Talent Management

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Tarun Gulrajani
Head of HR REHAU Pte Ltd Read More
Sylvia Koh
Chief People Officer CrimsonLogic Read More
Sureash Kumar
Global Director - Corporate... UTAC Headquarters Pt. Ltd Read More
Sharyn Porter
Senior Vice President, Human... Bank of America Merrill... Read More
Raman Sidhu
Global head of Learning Shell Read More
Meghna Shukla
GM Talent and OD Fonterra Read More
Karina Cuello
Director Learning and... Jones Lang Read More
Gary Lee
Chief HR Specialist, Global... Grundfos Read More
Dr Sandra Pereira
Former Group Director of HR... Teledirect Read More
Caroline Palmstedt
Former Leadership and... Monsanto Asia Africa Read More
Loes Schrijvers
Global Learning Manager –... Unilever Read More
Toyohiro Matsuda
Former Global Training &... Mitsubishi Read More
Eugene Lam
HR Director Kimberley-Clark Read More
Raghu Ram
Head of HR & Asia Talent... Shell Read More
Jennifer Rogers
Learning and Development Growth... DuPont Read More
Neo Chia Reei
Director, Organisation... NTUC Health Read More
Lam Kai Wah
Director of Strategic Human... Institute of Public... Read More
Alan Wilson
Assistant Director –... British Council Read More
Anitha Ramakrishnan
Director HR, Talent -... Hewlett Packard... Read More
Saurav Atri
Director of Talent Sourcing Gallup Read More

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Registration and Coffee


Opening Address from HRM Asia


Workforce of the Future – What Does It Look Like?

  • Workforce of the Future – What Does It Look Like?
  • Discussing how the workforce environment has changed over recent years
  • Analysing the new businesses, job titles and functions that will exist in ve years from now
  • Capitalising on global trends that have changed the global economy, the workplace environment and learning landscape:
    1. Breakthrough in technology, connectivity and Internet of Everything
    2. Workforce globalisation – influx of employees from different ethnicities, ages ranges, culture and levels of technological savviness
    3. Millennials taking over the workforce as baby boomers leaving for retirement
Speaker(s) of this session
Dr Sandra PereiraFormer Group Director of HR & Talent ManagementTeledirect

The Learning And Development Journey Of The Next Decade

  • Discovering how the learning and development landscape will change and cope with drastic changes ahead 
  • Recognising how organisations are coping with flexible work models and if they are applicable for your business
  • Rethinking job requirement and role development that ts your organisation goals and business demands
  • Determining what to expect in the changing roles of learning and development to prepare for the workforce of tomorrow
  • Understanding the difference between training and learning
Speaker(s) of this session
Raghu RamHead of HR & Asia Talent LeadShell

Speed Networking


Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


Establishing IT Infrastructure That Meets The Demand Of High E-Learning And M-Learning Uptime

  • Improvising on existing IT infrastructure to support e-Learning and m-Learning implementation
  • Understanding the roadblocks that are restricting the full potential of e-Learning and m-Learning integration
    • Data security
    • Employee pro le segregation for different level of access to training material
    • Integration between different systems
    • Strict policies and procedures especially in public sector
    • Overcoming the resistance from the matured workforce

Case Study From UTAC: Strategic Role Of Learning And Development In Driving People, Culture & Business Performance

  • Engaging key stakeholders and aligning learning and development to business goals
  • Leveraging on learning and development as a tactical enabler to build business capability and transformation
  • Understanding the role of learning and development that integrates HR functions towards building culture
  • Partnering and coaching business managers towards employee engagement, development and retention
Speaker(s) of this session
Sureash Kumar Global Director - Corporate Talent and Organisational DevelopmentUTAC Headquarters Pt. Ltd

Lunch and Networking Break


Leveraging On Data And Analytics In Learning and Development

  •  Discovering how performance metrics, analytics and learning complements each other in elevating business results
  • Utilising analytics to pinpoint the level of knowledge transfer, predicting skill gaps and return on investment in learning and development initiatives
  • Probing why every organisation is not willing to invest in performance data - what are they missing out on?
  • Validating challenges in integrating analytics with learning and development measures

Measuring ROI in Learning and Development Initiatives

  • Justifying why organisations invest in learning and development
  • De ning the roadblocks in effectively measuring the ROI of learning and development initiatives
  • Developing unique sets of key performance indicators for different functions within your organisation
  • Pinpointing the criteria that need to be measured in determining the outcome of learning and development initiatives
Speaker(s) of this session
Loes SchrijversGlobal Learning Manager – Leadership ManagementUnilever

21st Century Learning Organisations: Culture as Strategy

  • Learning explicit theory of adult development
  • Applying adult learning principles to an entire organisation, integrating individual and organisational development
  • Analysing concrete examples for building a learning culture
Speaker(s) of this session
Alan WilsonAssistant Director – Professional Development CentreBritish Council

Afternoon Refreshment Break


Supercharging A Brain-Friendly Workplace Through Neuroscience

  • Why neuroscience and learning are good companions?
  • Embracing the science of your brain and learning for optimum learning experience
  • Using your senses: Getting information from the outside world and into your head
  • Integrating brain-friendly strategies throughout business functions
Speaker(s) of this session
Caroline PalmstedtFormer Leadership and Performance Lead, Asia AfricaMonsanto Asia Africa

The Critical Conversation: Connecting ROI To Expectations

  • Clarifying on correlations that will be considered as valid measures of ROI
  • Aligning ROI criteria with organisational goals by knowing the organisation’s strategic priorities
  • Understanding how learning and development function can contribute to these priorities
  • Identifying learning and development programs that will support the organisation’s strategic direction
  • Utilising Kirkpatrick/Philips Model for evaluating HR development and training
Speaker(s) of this session
Sharyn PorterSenior Vice President, Human ResourcesBank of America Merrill Lynch

Case Study From Organisation X: Introducing L & D Framework to attract and retain a workforce

Organisation X is a large social enterprise that provides quality and affordable health and eldercare services. It was established after integrating two groups of organisations. Challenges faced by Organisation X:

  • Need to triple workforce in  five years
  • Global shortage of healthcare professionals due to silver tsunami
  • Lack of interest from millennials to join workforce
  • High demand in healthcare expected for the next  five years
  • Contradicting values from two sectors: Non-Elder Care (commercial) VS Elder Care (welfare)
  • Diverse range of workforce in terms of ethnicity, competencies, age group, and educational level
  • There will be group discussion and presentation throughout this session.
Speaker(s) of this session
Neo Chia ReeiDirector, Organisation Development & LearningNTUC Health

End of Day 1


Registration and Coffee


Adding Value As An Internal Consulting Unit – Running Learning And Development As More Than A Training Centre

  • Changing the perception of the learning and development division from being a cost centre to a profit centre
  • Pushing learning and development professionals out of their traditional “support unit” role to a more strategic role within the organisation
  • Shaping learning and development beyond the simple process of input versus output mechanics
Speaker(s) of this session
Toyohiro MatsudaFormer Global Training & Recruitment Officer, GHRD DepartmentMitsubishi

Moving With The Times – Designing Effective E-Learning Strategies And Embracing The Social Media Revolution In Learning And Development

  • Determining the effectiveness of these platforms for the delivery of various courses to your entire workforce
  • Enhancing an employee’s learning potential by using online tools for convenient access to training material
  • How employees can bene t from a supportive network of learners through knowledge sharing platform
  • Comprehending the importance of developing employees’ accountability in self- development
  • Understanding the difference between e-Learning and m-Learning and how they complement each other for a more holistic reach to employees with lower cost
Speaker(s) of this session
Anitha RamakrishnanDirector HR, Talent - Organization Development & Effectiveness APJHewlett Packard Enterprise

Morning Refreshment and Networking Break


Creating A Culture Of Continuous Improvement And Development

  • Defining the roadmap for cultivating learning and development culture for your organisation
  • Understanding the roadblocks that is inhibiting a successful learning and development culture
  • Developing a unique and deliberate learning culture that aligns with organisational goals
  • Creating incentives and KPIs to increase employees’ engagement level for self- improvement
  • Leveraging on onboarding programs to promote personal responsibility and demonstrate the company’s commitment in developing their employees
Speaker(s) of this session
Sylvia KohChief People OfficerCrimsonLogic

Utilising Blended Learning Approach To Enhance Workforce Performance

  • Integrating multiple learning platforms for a more comprehensive learning experience
  • Harnessing the bene ts of hands-on learning by incorporating more learning modules on the work floor
  • Leveraging on comprehensive training frameworks to develop sustainable talent pipeline
  • Uncovering how a world class workforce learning and development program should be delivered
Speaker(s) of this session
Jennifer RogersLearning and Development Growth Leader, ASEAN + Japan KoreaDuPont

Lunch and Networking Break


Panel Discussion: The Future of Learning And Development Leadership– What’s Next?

  • Understanding how cultural diversity and technological disruption impacts learning and cross cultural training 
  • Developing culturally aware and astute leaders to manage the diverse and
  • multicultural workforce without boundaries
  • Having the ability to identify learning opportunities in order to cope with the fast changing environment
  • Embracing the importance of learning and development leaders being comfortable with technology and data in the digital age
Speaker(s) of this session
Dr Sandra PereiraFormer Group Director of HR & Talent ManagementTeledirect
Karina CuelloDirector Learning and DevelopmentJones Lang
Caroline PalmstedtFormer Leadership and Performance Lead, Asia AfricaMonsanto Asia Africa
Gary LeeChief HR Specialist, Global Talent Development, Group Organisational DevelopmentGrundfos

The 70:20:10 Model For Learning And Development

  • Gauging the readiness of your organisation for embracing 70:20:10 model
  • Formulating a comprehensive training approach that enables 70% of knowledge transfer that occurs during worktime
  • Understanding how is 70:20:10 model still relevant for the digital age
  • Identifying the right ratio based on different industries, roles, functions and age of employees
Speaker(s) of this session
Eugene LamHR DirectorKimberley-Clark

Case Study from Shell: Organisational vs Individual Capability - An End2End Winning Mindset

  • Shell has been at the forefront of recognizing this key aspect of what makes a business unit competitive, commercially focused and ef cient in harnessing the bene ts of end2end capability. And we have deployed learning and development interventions globally to sharpen this ability and help shape a sustainable commercial enterprise.
  • Enhancing capability of the entire unit operating in unison instead of focusing on individual capabilities as the real game changer in improving performance
  • Understanding how organisational capability depends on the ability to be commercially effective at an End2End level in the value chain.
Speaker(s) of this session
Raman SidhuGlobal head of LearningShell

Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break


Micro Learning: The Future of Training In The Workplace

  • Comparing the differences between micro learning and conventional macro training and how they complement each other
  • Leveraging on micro learning to increase engagement in self-development
  • Discovering ways to make micro learning work for your employees
  • Benefit from an effective learning methodology at the fraction of cost through micro learning
Speaker(s) of this session
Tarun GulrajaniHead of HRREHAU Pte Ltd

Applying a User-centric Approach in Developing Innovative Learning and Development Initiatives

  • Understanding emerging learning and development needs in a volatile, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity VUCA) environment
    • Supplementing traditional Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) model with new Design Thinking methodology
    • Discovering beyond learning needs with a user-centric approach
  • Re-designing the HR Managers’ Program (HRMP)
    • Closing learning gaps through a quick and iterative prototyping process 
    • Experimenting with new ways of learning delivery
    • Developing tech-based learning resources 
    • Results from Impact studies
  • Strengthening Service Culture in MSF Through Learning Solutions
    • Developing innovative initiatives for higher-impact learning
    • Getting stakeholders’ buy-in for more impactful engagement
    • Outcome of trial/pilot implementation
  • Challenges & Takeaways of adopting an experimental approach to learning and development initiatives
Speaker(s) of this session
Lam Kai WahDirector of Strategic Human ResourceInstitute of Public Administration And Management Civil Service College

Panel Discussion: Getting Buy In For Your New Learning Initiatives – Building A Successful Business Case

  • Discussing on the challenges learning and development leaders face in getting buy-in from top management
  • Establishing effective internal marketing strategies to ensure learning and development initiatives are successfully communicated and perceived
  • Securing senior leadership buy-in throughout every phase of the process
    • Align – Creating clarity of purpose, how it will benefit the organisation and employee as well demonstrating top management support    
    • Equip – Providing employees with the critical skills, details and needs to meet business objectives and continue buy-in  
    • Sustain – Gathering the evidence you need to demonstrate back to the business
Speaker(s) of this session
Meghna ShuklaGM Talent and ODFonterra
Raman SidhuGlobal head of LearningShell
Anitha RamakrishnanDirector HR, Talent - Organization Development & Effectiveness APJHewlett Packard Enterprise
Marie PaputsakisAVP Global Leadership and LearningManulife Singapore

End of Day 2

Who Should Attend

  • Chief HR Decision Makers -VPs/Directors/Heads/Managers of:

From What Industries

  • Oil and Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate Training / Education
  • Logistics Supply Chain
  • Airlines/Travel Related
  • Food & Beverage
  • FMCG
  • Architecture Construction
  • IT Telecoms / Technology
  • PR & Advertising Media Companies
  • Financial Services
  • Government

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