Measuring ROI on Training and Development Masterclass 2017

14 - 15 February 2017 | Hilton Hotel, Singapore

Measuring ROI on Training and Development Masterclass 2017

In an economy where budgets are tight and when lowering costs is a key priority, the training budget is the first area to take the hit. L&D professionals have long struggled to show value and justify the investment in their programs and some of the pertinent questions that have persisted in their minds are:

  • Which training need is likely to yield the best return-on-investment?
  • Which media works best with specific workforce segments, such as new hires, sales force and senior leaders?
  • What happens three, six and twelve months after employees take the training courses?
Join HRM Asia’s Measuring ROI on Training and Development Masterclass, developed by Dr Mariam Sha, featuring high-level case studies presentations, interactive dialogues, lively debates, panel discussions and a 2 day hands-on masterclass! The congress serves as a great peer-to-peer platform to learn about cutting-edge case studies and emerging best practices in embracing e-Learning and Mobile Learning as part of your Learning and Development initiatives to ensure that the workforce are well equipped to cope with the market's demand.

Featured Speakers


Mariam Sha
Managing Director Awakening Excellence Read More

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  • Why the need to measure ROI on training and projects
  • Why measurement and evaluation
  • Types of measurement
  • Strategic view of ROI
  • Fear of ROI
  • De nition of Value
  • Return on expectations (ROE)
  • Value on investment (VOI)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Models of ROI
  • Opportunity costs
  • Cost of training
  • Identify non-training variables that influence ROI measurement
  • Data collection


  • Isolating contributing factors
  • Tangibles and Intangibles
  • Case Studies
  • Evaluation - Summative and Formative
  • Reporting
  • Performance management and ROI
  • International Best Practice on measuring ROI on T&D
  • Investment in People
  • Developing learning material with the end in mind
  • Measuring ROI on Coaching interventions

Must-attend for:

This course is ideal for all HR leaders wishing to have a step by step strong grasp of measuring the Return of Investment evaluation in their Training and Development initiatives as well as creating a Training and Development content that provides maximum impact in enhancing the skill sets of your employees.

Directors, Vice Presidents and Managers of:
• Finance
• Talent Management
• Human Resources
• Learning and Development
• Performance Management
• Training and Development

The Masterclass - Learn From The Expert!

This year, we have upgraded our Learning and Development 2017 Congress with a two day masterclass on Measuring ROI on Training and Development, this 2-day Masterclass developed by Dr Mariam Sha, participants will develop the skills needed to plan and deliver an effective return-on-investment (ROI) evaluation for learning and development. Participants will have an understanding of the content required in training programs to meet the individual, team and organisational objectives, having the end in mind.

This 2-day add on event are engaging and practical, covering theory, models, international best practice and delegate case studies. The aim is to support delegates to easily apply the models and concepts in their respective areas of business – a very hand -on- approach. As pre-work, participants are required to bring development interventions they wish to evaluate.

Learn more about:-

1. Bridging the strategic alignment between business and ROI of Training and Development
2. Applying step by step methodology in evaluating ROI of various Training and Development initiatives for maximum impact
3. Determining the metrics that should be used in Training & Development ROI evaluation
4. Managing ROI expectations and outcomes
5. Benchmarking with industry practices and trends
6. Understanding why it is important to evaluate Training & Development ROI and how it impacts your organisation
7. Aligning Training and Development with Performance Management
8. Translating your ROI ndings into a “story” that frames the impact to your business in a meaningful way and get management buy-in
9. Forecasting and measuring Training and Development cost

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