Saurav Atri

Director of Talent Sourcing

Saurav Atri is Director of Talent Sourcing for Gallup South East Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Europe. Saurav also serves as a Learning and Development Consultant for Gallup’s clients in Southeast Asia and Pacific. He has consulted with clients in the government, FMCG, retail, oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and automotive sectors.

As Director of Talent Sourcing, Saurav drives talent and recruitment strategy for Gallup across South East Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Europe. He works closely with Gallup managers and teams to hire highly talented employees and position them in roles that give them the opportunity to succeed by using their talents, experience, skills, and knowledge.

As a Learning and Development Consultant, Saurav has a passion for helping leaders, managers, and employees maximize their strengths to increase performance. His work helps organizations build engaged workplaces, measure individual contributions, and align employees’ roles with their talents. He also helps managers understand and implement effective tactics and best practices that engage employees and customers and drive increases in productivity, profitability, and retention. He is an executive strengths coach to CEO’s and senior leaders in the region.

Having launched Gallup’s open enrollment courses in Singapore and Hong Kong, Saurav is also involved in building the strengths movement across Asia. He is also a primary leader for Gallup’s open enrollment learning programs such as the Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course and High Performance Management. He has led these programs in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand having trained over 200+ coaches and over 1000+ managers in the region. Prior to joining Gallup, Saurav served as a marketing consultant to companies in the Middle East, providing integrated marketing solutions for brand positioning and brand development.

As director of his own company, he provided brand, media management, and sponsorship consulting to 17 players on the Indian national field hockey team, training them on media management. As senior manager of strategic education for a college of financial planning, he conducted workshops, built and led a multi- location team, and trained more than 600 postgraduate students on critical business skills.

Saurav received his master’s degree in business administration from the Indian School of Business with majors in marketing and in strategy and leadership. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics with honors from Sri Venkateswara College. Saurav is fluent in English and Hindi.